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Make your own Gamelaxy game! Play History and enter your data in the prize game form at the end of the game to compete for our super prizes.


  1 x 100 iPoints  
  10 x 10 iPoints  
  100 x 5 iPoints  

Winners will be awarded free iPoints, but only noncommercial games can be made with this credits. Any player can play game and register for a prize game as many times as they wish.

Pravila in pogoji za sodelovanje v nagradni igri

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Who knows the past controlls the future! Wise words that remind us that there is no other subject from which we could learn more that history. Other people made mistakes and triumfs. If we study their lives and actions we do not need to repeat their mistakes and do not need to find the way to success the hard way. History is not just another borring subject in school - try to see it as a schoolbook of life. Because history repeats, and things that happned before will happen again. If you want to publish this game on your wbsite, just enter this embed code: " "

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