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The fastest, easiest, cheapest and safest way of travel in medieval times was

In medieval times traveling was not pleasurable activity. Infrastructure was poor and dangers lurked everywhere. Roads were bad and often bandit infested. Rivers were easy to sail in one direction only. On seas shipwrecks and pirates were amongst major threats. Trade was one of the major reasons for traveling in medieval age as it was profitable enough to cover the risks involved. This picture is showing Marco Polo (XIV), great Venetian merchant and traveler.

Which major medieval monarchy started losing power because of it's geographic position afther discovery of America?

With trade rutes shifting from Near-East and Mediteranian Sea to Atlantic Ocean, this impacted heavily the balance of power in European societies. Countries that used to be on continental crossroads - and thus in prime strategic positions - started to fade. And some previously poorest coutries gathereed great wealth in little time just because of their position on Atlantic shore.

Who was the great Roman general and later emperor that was murdered by entire Senate?

Though Ancient Rome was a hereditary monarchy in the last era, many emperors didn't pass their powers to their own children. They often adopted a person they belived will become a great ruler (and mostly they were much better than emperors who were blood children of the emperors). Adoptees often took their foster father's name, so read the answers carefully as many are very similar.

Terracotta army was found on the burrial site of

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Found in 1974 by farmers working on the fields, Terracotta Army soon got the status of a wonder of the world. Of 8.000 foot soldiers, 100 chariots with 400 horses and 300 cavalrymen most are still unburried.

Most famous pyramids are built at

Monumental sacred buildings of many early civilizations were built in the shape of a pyramid, because this is the most stable geometric form - since higher levels have less mass than lower they can endure millenia. Pyramids are amongst oldest human made structures that survived to this day in all continents, axcept Australia.

Which kingdom reinstituted the power of Pope by founding Holy Roman Empire

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In 1000 AD Catholic Europe was the most backwards country of the known world, devastated by internal feudal wars. Reinstituting Pope as central religius figure helped unite Europe to regain it's power over next centuries. Compare: in AD 1000 Cordoba had 450.000 citizens and Constantinople 300.000. But Rome had only 35.000, London 30.000 and Paris 20.000.

Which event is marking the begining of the French revolution in 1789?

French revolution was a consequence of the general famine after bad harvests in 1788 all over France, extremely high taxes, unpayed army and navy that just returned from American Indepedence war, where they fought for the equality and freedom off all people, while they had none of it at home.

What was the motto of the French revolution?

French revolution was a movement that instituted the ideas of Enlightenment about equality of all human beeings and put a (bloody) end to the era of absolute monarchies ... until Napoleon declared him self the Emperor.

How old is planet Earth supposed to be?

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Age of planet Earth is a consensus, not a fact. Exact age is hard to calculate since first form of the planet is liquid and the earliest rocks have hardened much latter. Besides we don't know if the oldest rocks we have are realy amongst the first - erosion and vulcanic activities are always recycling the Earth's surface.

When did first life appear on Earth?

It seams today that life appeared on Earth soon afther it was formed, but then it was developing relatively slow from it's most primitive bacterial form.

When did human species (Australopithecus) evolve?

Science is still not united about the first species to be called human. Most agree that this is Australopithecus, but some argue that 1,5 million years older Ardipithecus were human, while other claim that Australopithecus were still monkeys that walked on two legs and that only humans are Homo- species of which all but Homo Sapiens are now extinct.

Where is Homo Sapiens (modern human) supposed to evolve?

Homo Sapiens or modern human was extremely successful and has managed to settle all continents in different climates and has adopted faster or even destroyed other Homo- species on it's territory.

Which one of the high American native civilizations populated area of modern Mexico?

In many areas of life (mathematics, astrology, masonry etc) high American native civilizations surpassed their European counterparts. But as they did not discover ironmaking they were inferior in military equipement which led to their defeat when Europeans invaded Americas in XVI. century.

How many hills was Ancient Rome built uppon?

Eternal city on the banks of river Tiber was mythicaly founded by Romul and it expanded soon on nearby hills.

Athena was Ancient Greek goddess of

Athena was also protector of city of Athens (it also carries her name). Athenians built Parthenon on the Acropolis as a symbol of their warship. But it did not serve only as religius object it was also a fortification and the treasury of the city.

Who was the only English king to be called the Great?

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He was the king of Wessex in late IX. century. He was a learned man who encouraged education and improved his kingdom's legal system and military structure. He was the only English king, given the epithet the Great for his successful defence against Vikings.

Who invented light bulb?

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The incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is a source of electric light that works by incandescence (a general term for heat-driven light emissions which includes the simple case of black body radiation).

Who were the first human to successfuly fly an aircraft heavier than air?

There is still a lot of debate about the inventors of the flying machine, but it is widely accepted that the world's first successful, controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight was made on December 17, 1903 in North Carolina, USA.

Who was WWI. most famous pilot, known as Red Baron?

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Red Baron was officialy the most successful fighter ace of the WWI with a record of 80 confirmed air victories in combat. He was one of the promoters of brightly couloured fighters that gave german fighter groups nickname flying circus. His planes were red - hence the name.

Who was the leader of Gauls in the battle of Alesia?

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Battle of Alesia is one fo the most famous battles in history. It was not only the final battle in which Julius Caesar defeated Gauls but also one of the largest cassical sieges of all times - Roman fortifications were made of two complete circles, inner had a rim of 16 km and outer 21 km.

Which general of the WWII. was called Desert Fox?

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Desert Fox was one the WWII. most respected generals, a master of tank warfare, winning his fame in the campaigns of North Africa. He was respected by his own forces and all his opponants. Considered to be the last classical soldier, he was chivalrious and respectful to POWs and civilians in occupied countries.

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