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Who is the author of Gamelaxy?

Try to find out here.
The author of gamelaxy has graduated from educative computer games at the University of Ljubljana.

What kind of games are published on gamelaxy?

We won't tell ... but you can get a hint here :P
Gamelaxy is a free web games portal. We want to bring you free and safe fun.

The first authorized game on Gamelaxy was

Play it here.
Authors can't just publish their games on Gamelaxy. Our moderators verify if games are in accordance to General terms of use and authorize publishing.

What type of games is the most popular on Gamelaxy?

Some game types are more popular than other. Best games are simple and understandable to any person that can hold a mouse and write an email.

Can publishers add prize games to games in Gamelaxy?

Read more about this here.
Prize games are one of the essential elements of Gamelaxy games. Prize games allow publishers to promote their products and services, gather contact information from players and raise visits to their web site.

Can I publish a game from Gamelaxy on my website?

Read more about this here.
Embeding Gamelaxy games is as simple as putting a Google maps map on your website.

Can Gamelaxy games be used in education?

Gamelaxy system was issued an official opinion by slovenian e-education consortium that is technically and didactically appropriate for use in education process.

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